How it Works

Anyone can sign up as either a Soil Maker or as a Soil Supporter

Soil Makers are those who have mastered the alchemy of turning food scraps into living soil — or those who are learning to

Soil Supporters no longer want to be part of the 1.6 billion tons of food waste sent to landfills each year. They offer their food scraps to nearby Soil Makers who turn what would have been wasted into nourishing soil.

MakeSoil matches Soil Makers and Soil Supporters, and brings them together to make soil.


Why MakeSoil?


Our society produces an enormous amount of food waste. Currently, nearly all of it goes to landfills where it rots, releasing CO2 and methane — an even worse greenhouse gas. When instead we turn that food waste into soil, the carbon (and nutrients) go into the ground, sequestering carbon, while producing the topsoil our food system depends on.


A More Beautiful Way

What does it feel like to throw food into the trash? Not good, which is why we’ve gotten so desensitized to it. But when people instead see their food scraps turning into living soil, they are often surprised to realize that they are now participating in something strikingly beautiful. Makesoil is one of the easiest ways to have a more beautiful experience of life.



Humans are social creatures who long for community. And with the challenges we as a society now face, it’s time to build community around things that really matter, like taking better care of the planet. Become a soil-maker or soil-supporter and experience what it’s like to join a community of people coming together to take care of our living planet through the practical and profound act of making soil together.


An Economy that Actually Regenerates the Planet

The economy needs to transform from something that only consumes the planet as a raw material, to one that also sees the planet as living and helps it to regenerate.

By creating a new regenerative industry of artisanal soil-making, MakeSoil helps model the new economy.


Dissolve Shame. Feel good about being human again.

We hear constantly that humans are ruining the planet, but don’t understand how to change or what to really do differently. This leaves us feeling bad about ourselves, which we tend to suppress as shame. Makesoil reminds us that it is possible to live in harmony with the environment, gives us a clear way to do so, and helps us feel good about being human.


An Act of Peace

With all the conflict and war in the world today, we need a very real movement toward peace. It’s time to ground our desire for peace into our daily lives and communities, starting with an act of peace toward the shared home that is our planet. In a world where most food waste continually goes to landfills, making soil is an act of peace.